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As Vice Chair and Campaign Coordinator for Northeast Hertfordshire CLP, I was delighted with our results across North Herts District Council. We took a ward in Letchworth and took control of Letchworth Area Committee. We took another ward in Hitchin (where I was the parliamentary candidate in 2015) and took control of Hitchin Area Committee. We saw dramatic swings to Labour in a number of wards.

But I was born in Nuneaton and my family is from Copeland. So I know we have our work cut out to win power in parliament.

We need to take our policy-making process out of SW1A and our political conferences out of WC1B and closer to the people whose support we need to win. Good policymaking starts on the doorstep listening to the complexities of people’s lives and we need practical solutions that will deliver real and lasting transformation for their families and communities.

But, above all, voters on Keir Hardie Avenue are looking to us to defeat the Tories and reverse their policies in parliament. We cannot let them down.

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Keir Hardie Avenue The Cumbria floods: out of the textbooks

Thousands of families made homeless weeks before Christmas, key transport routes torn to shreds by the sheer force of nature, families unable to buy food due to supermarkets being flooded, children unable to sleep because they are frightened of the weather, schools posting homework on their website so their pupils can continue their education, hundreds of farm animals lost and drowned, municipal and local government buildings, major retail outlets and football clubs all under water. ‘Ordinary life’ has ground to an almighty halt for tens of thousands of people. No cameraman or news reporter can possibly convey the sheer magnitude of the environmental chaos that has been visited on vast parts of northern England.

I am Cumbrian to the thousandth generation: my forefathers were Border Reivers, hill farmers, coal miners, Sellafield workers, Labour activists and trade unionists. In 1831, they opened the Carr’s (now McVities) biscuit factory in Carlisle, which has, itself, (twice) been flooded. I know that the iron grit and the uncompromising commitment to community solidarity of the Cumbrian people will pull them through this difficult time – as it has for centuries – through every storm, flood, mining disaster and foot-and-mouth epidemic. (more…)