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Welcome to my website. My name is Rachel Burgin and I am a Labour Party activist living in North Hertfordshire and working in the City.

I come from a family that has deeps roots in the history and traditions of the Labour Party, but the values my forefathers lived by and fought for – values of community, solidarity and mutuality – are as true today as there were then. And they are as true in North Hertfordshire as they are on the old West Cumberland Coalfield

Those values helped me defeat the BNP in Cumbria and as a National Executive Committee member of the Labour Finance & Industry Group, they are helping me work for a One Nation Industrial Strategy aimed at bringing prosperity to every corner of the country.

Those values are also needed here in North Hertfordshire as we confront a desperate housing crisis and an escalating cost of living that is depriving people of their quality of life and sense of financial security. I hope you will join me in fighting for a better – and more prosperous – future.

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Overseas Aid Donald Trump and the Religious Right

Those who know me well know that I can be very strident in my views sometimes.

Nevertheless, I am a great believer in public service and accordingly respect dedicated public servants – regardless of their political affiliation. There are some exceptions: I would find it hard to respect a BNP Councillor, for example, because I believe their politics is one of hatred. But within mainstream politics, I understand that we’ve all had different journeys and have reached different conclusions about matters of public policy in good and sincere faith. As a Christian, I know fellow Christians in the Conservative, Lib Dem and Green parties and I respect the contribution they make in their various spheres. (more…)