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As Vice Chair and Campaign Coordinator for Northeast Hertfordshire CLP, I was delighted with our results across North Herts District Council. We took a ward in Letchworth and took control of Letchworth Area Committee. We took another ward in Hitchin (where I was the parliamentary candidate in 2015) and took control of Hitchin Area Committee. We saw dramatic swings to Labour in a number of wards.

But I was born in Nuneaton and my family is from Copeland. So I know we have our work cut out to win power in parliament.

We need to take our policy-making process out of SW1A and our political conferences out of WC1B and closer to the people whose support we need to win. Good policymaking starts on the doorstep listening to the complexities of people’s lives and we need practical solutions that will deliver real and lasting transformation for their families and communities.

But, above all, voters on Keir Hardie Avenue are looking to us to defeat the Tories and reverse their policies in parliament. We cannot let them down.

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Brexit Brexit

1. I voted and campaigned to remain in the EU. Nevertheless, I am ready to accept pragmatic ways of making Brexit work if there is no democratic means of remaining in the EU – through a Parliamentary vote, a General Election or a second Referendum.

2. The Conservative government’s current position, reaffirmed in its recent White Paper after a 2-year delay, is causing real damage to the UK economy. Businesses are suspending investment decisions and/or moving to other EU member states.

3. I am clear that the Government’s White Paper does not offer an acceptable basis for leaving the EU (even in the unlikely event that it proved acceptable to the EU 27)) because:
a) It fails to meet the needs of the UK’s services sector, which represents 80% of our GDP – a “no deal” Brexit for services;
b) It fails to set out a workable solution for avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland, which is a threat to businesses as well as to security;
c) Above all, it fails to remove the possibility of an overall “no deal” Brexit. (more…)