A quarter of jobs in North East Herts pay less than the Living Wage

My response to recent figures on those earning less than the Living Wage:

“The issue of low pay is a personal one for me. My husband works part time in retail. When his hours are cut, so is our household income. We live week-to-week not knowing how much he is going to earn. The issue of low pay is compounded by zero hours and short hours contracts that rob workers of job and income security – and their ability to plan for the future. This is why so many hardworking families fall into debt, fall behind with their rent and become dependant on foodbanks.

The figures clearly indicate that we are not alone. It is depressing to see that so many people in this area earn wages that cannot hope to enable them to earn enough to make ends meet without taxpayer subsidy – and the Coalition Government’s austerity measures are only making matters worse.

I would want an incoming Labour Government to introduce the Living Wage and to also look at employment rights, particularly in respect of zero hours and short hours contracts. People need secure as well as well paid jobs if they are to provide security and stability for their families.”