Ashley Dalton
Ashley Dalton, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Rochford & Southend East

I am delighted to endorse Rachel Burgin for the National Policy Forum. Rachel is Labour to her core. Driven by a love of humanity, the possibilities within people and the power of community she embodies Labour values and is utterly dedicated to our party. Rachel will make sure that our party’s policy is shaped and developed to make sure we are delivering for working people and that Labour is best positioned to be a credible electoral alternative and ultimately form a government for the many, not the few. Rachel is reliable, analytical, trustworthy and tenacious. She’s also friendly, welcoming and engaging and that’s why I’ll be voting for Rachel Burgin in the NPF election.

Chris Ostrowski
Chris Ostrowski, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Watford

Rachel’s politics are rooted in old fashioned Labour values of community solidarity and common decency. She has honesty and integrity by the bucketload. And she is driven to work tirelessly to give voice to the voiceless and to delivering a radical political and economic settlement for ordinary working class people.

Doug Swanney
Doug Swanney (in a personal capacity)

I am honoured to be able to offer an endorsement for Rachel. I have come to know her as a committed activist for many aspects of justice for the those whose voice struggles to be heard. She is a tireless campaigner who loves nothing more than sharing her passion and hope for a better world. Rachel combines political wisdom with an integrity and compassion which marks her out as being a positive force in a world which sorely needs it. Rachel gives her all to seeking to serve others.

Kerry Pollard
Kerry Pollard, former MP, St Albans

I have known and admired Rachel Burgin for some years. We both stood as Parliamentary Candidates in adjacent constituencies – me in St Albans and Rachel in Hitchin & Harpenden – we worked as a very close and active team, she was tireless and imaginative in what we jointly campaigned on and how we organised our canvassing. I had more to gain as I had been the MP for St Albans – she was exceptionally generous. Later on I stood as candidate for Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner – Rachel as ever was the first in line to help, guide and support. Rachel is Labour through and through a good friend, brilliant campaigner – I cannot speak too highly of her.

judi_billing (1)
Cllr Judi Billing, Hitchin

I am extremely happy to support Rachel Burgin in her campaign  With her totally focussed Labour values she will be a formidable opponent  and well able to expose the unfairness and cruelty of the past years of coalition government.  But almost beyond that I know from personal experience that Rachel will work incredibly hard to connect with the voters and as part of a committed, loyal and cheerful Labour Team.

Nafisa Sayany
Nafisa Sayany, Hitchin

Rachel is an active and enthusiastic member of the North Herts Co-op Party, who is committed to co-operative values and who has a firm grasp of how these play out in our local community. She is articulate, intelligent and keen to engage with party members and constituents on the issues that matter to them. Furthermore, she is committed to making Labour’s voice heard.

Michael Allison
Michael Allison C.Eng, M.I.Mech.E, M.Inst.M.C, Hitchin

I have met Rachel only yesterday when she took time to come and introduce herself to me at my flat.  I had read her resumé and was very impressed for the following reasons:

  • She has worked in Cumbria amongst the less fortunate people and has an understanding of the difficulties many people face today;
  • She has a business background which makes her appealing to the more fortunate amongst us;
  • Her technical knowledge is extremely good – especially on Energy issues;
  • She and her husband Paul – who is also a Labour Party activist – make a great team. They often campaign together. His work as a trainee Methodist Lay Preacher takes them across North Hertfordshire, into different communities where they have the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of people;
  • I found her extremly positive and enthusiastic.  I felt comfortable in her company – which is important.


I have therefore no hesitation in endorsing her as a prospective candidate for the hitchin and Harpenden constituency.

Deborah Segalini
Deborah Segalini, Hitchin

Rachel is an energetic, enthusiastic and committed campaigner who has demonstrated her abilities on the doorstep here in Hitchin. Her strong Labour values and ethical socialism combined with her sharp mind and ability to engage with a diverse range of people, make her the right person to expose Conservative politics in the 2015 General Election.

Jim Shera
Cllr James Shera, M.B.E., S.Pk, Leader of the Labour Group, Rugby Borough

It is a privilege to support Rachel Burgin’s candidacy. I have known Rachel personally for over twenty years and with the support of a strong socialist and Christian family, she has matured into an outstanding person with strong ethical standards and an excellent politician with real vision. An exceptional student, she honed her political skills in the Labour Group at Birmingham University and has been a great political asset in the diverse constituencies in which she has lived.

U.S. Senator Dean Barkley (Minn)

I have known Rachel Burgin and her family for over thirty years and am honoured to support her political ambitions. She has had the advantage of education and experience in both the U.K. and the U.S.A. which gives her an extra perspective on political and social issues. She is astute, with keen analytical skills, but also sensitive and compassionate and will never lose sight of the needs of individuals. She is totally reliable and trustworthy, determined and tenacious and will make an excellent representative of any community she serves.

John Hardaker
Reverend John A Hardaker (in a personal capacity)

I am delighted to give Rachel Burgin my support. I know her to be a woman of deep conviction with an intellectual grasp not only of the current issues facing our community but of the complex factors which produce such situations. Her social conscience is one born out of deep concern for people and rooted in a long standing faith which is both personal and integrated into the wider faith community. Rachel has a proven track record of activism on both the local and national scene: her energy and vision are a great asset which would make her outstanding as the Labour candidate.

Frank Radcliffe, Hitchin

I would like to endorse Rachel Burgin as the Labour candidate. Rachel is passionate about the Labour Party and has the credentials to be a great candidate as evidenced by her selection as a future candidate for Labour two years ago. She ably assisted me on the campaign trail last September when I won the Hitchin Oughton by election. Rachel loves canvassing and showed her industry by hitting the doorsteps of Hitchin and also leafleting after a busy day in the office and at weekends. Rachel is a passionate and eloquent speaker and has a great knowledge of politics especially the energy industry. She has good political contacts in the Eastern region which she can call upon to assist in her campaign. I look forward to helping Rachel fight the next General Election in my home town.

Andy Flannagan, Christians on the Left, Luton

Rachel is a long way from being a “career politician”. She is someone who has spent years making an impact in her local community and delivering change at every level. She is driven by a passion for social justice and is committed to delivering prosperity to all. If she is selected, I know that she will work night and day to ensure that Labour’s voice is heard.


Cllr Gillian Troughton, Copeland

When I first met Rachel ten years ago, neither of us was actively involved in politics. Rachel wanted to contribute to this area – and volunteered as a church youth worker, school governor and parish councillor. As always, she put in more hours than expected, and brought her creative thinking and willingness to challenge the status quo to these roles – and as a result, she left her mark in each. In 2008/9 she responded to the arrival of the BNP by campaigning with me to prevent them winning seats on Cumbria County Council. With a tiny team of activists, we succeeded in our aim by hand-delivering leaflets on an industrial scale, mobilizing churches and community leaders – and by securing prominent coverage in the local press. In the wake of those elections, she joined the Labour Party – and brought me with her.

Cooperative Party
North Hertfordshire Cooperative Party
Community Union
John Paul McHugh on behalf of the Community Union

The Community Union is delighted to endorse Rachel Burgin because she so strongly reflects the union’s values. While her politics are rooted in the coal and steel communities of West Cumbria, her career has taken her to different communities across the country. She has adapted to each and actively found ways to serve their needs, galvanising them on local and national issues. She has a talent for understanding the heart of a community and has proved herself to be a genuine grass roots politician. She has a reputation as an outstanding campaigner and an articulate advocate of her values and principles.

David Offenbach
David Offenbach, Labour Business

Rachel has demonstrated through her time on the LFIG NEC that she is articulate, intelligent, personable and has a firm grasp of policy issues. She understands that we need to engage constructively with the business community if we are to deliver social justice. Her background in the Energy Industry means that she brings a fresh perspective to the world of politics. I am sure she will make a positive contribution to Labour’s campaign.

Ian Gilbert
Cllr Ian Gilbert, Southend

Rachel has a deep and passionate commitment to Labour values. I know that she would be a tireless, selfless and principled servant of her community and the Labour Party.

Alexander McKerrow
Alex McKerrow, former student at Whitehaven School, Cumbria

Rachel is an incredibly articulate, personable individual who would make a great prospective Parliamentary candidate. Rachel helped me to secure a place on Herbert Smith Freehills’ PRIME program in 2012, which provided me with my first insight into commercial law. The scheme demystified the City to me and because of Rachel’s help, I was confident enough to apply to top City firms for internships. This summer, I will be interning at a “magic circle” law firm and would never have felt empowered to do so without Rachel’s help in securing a place on the PRIME scheme.

Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall, Bedford

I am the former Labour MP for Bedford & Kempston and now parliamentary candidate for what is a key marginal seat. My colleagues and I are both impressed and very grateful to Rachel for travelling on many occasions from her home in Letchworth to Bedford for campaigning purposes. Not only is she effective and pleasant with residents on the door step, but also well informed about political issues and Labour’s policies. She is bright, intelligent, reliable and totally committed; a real asset to the party.

Jamie Reed MP (Copeland) Shadow Health Minister

Rachel Burgin is one of the best campaigners I have ever worked alongside. With her work-ethic, intelligence, compassion and energy, she will be a first class candidate, a valuable asset for the Labour Party, and will always prioritise the interests of constituents above anything else.