Drugs: Why I Disagree With Peter Lilley MP

It is with some surprise that I seem to have found an issue on which I might be regarded as being to the right of Peter Lilley MP:


I am perfectly aware that many in the Labour Party will disagree with me. In fact, when I was a student I walked out of a Labour Party social event when the drugs came out. So, I know I’m out on a limb here.

The reason I feel so strongly about this issue is because of years of experience working with young people in disadvantaged communities – and seeing first hand the absolutely devastating impact that drugs can have on their lives. It’s one thing to be a celebrity, allow things to get a bit out of hand and then book yourself into the Priory for some rehab.  It’s quite another to be 13 years old, get into the wrong crowd and then have no idea how to deal with the impact that even the mildest drugs have on your body – and on your future life chances. For their sake, I will always take the strongest line on drugs.