Homes for Britain

Thank you for contacting me recently regarding the ‘Homes for Britain’ campaign and the very serious problems that are currently affecting our housing market.

We are currently experiencing the biggest housing crisis in a generation. The current Government has presided over the lowest peacetime level of housebuilding since the 1920s and the gap between the number of houses being built and the number of houses we need is unprecedented – at over 100,000 each year.

Under this Government rents have soared, many first time buyers have been priced out of the market and the number of new affordable homes has collapsed. Homelessness and rough sleeping have both risen sharply.

I believe this urgently needs to be addressed. We need to build the homes Britain needs – and affordable homes in particular. We need to improve the quality and affordability of the private rented sector and to ensure that first-time buyers are able to get on the housing ladder. We also need to tackle the root causes of homelessness, to make rents more predictable and affordable and to repeal this Government’s cruel and unfair bedroom tax.

A Labour Government will bring forward a range of measures to see at least 200,000 homes built per year by 2020 and will prioritise capital investment to build more social houses and homes for first time buyers. We will also give councils greater powers to build the homes they need and give private renters a fairer deal with more stable three-year tenancies, a ceiling on excessive rent rises and a ban on rip-off letting fees.

I know this is a vital issue in local area and, as the Homes for Britain campaign highlights, across the country. That is why I believe it is so important that the next Labour Government will make tackling the housing crisis a real priority.

Thank you once again for writing to me and for sharing your views.