Letter to Editor

Dear Sir,

I am writing to support local school leaders who have expressed their concern about cuts to their budgets.

Both my parents were teachers and I have clear memories of them facing similar struggles during the Thatcher and Major years. I remember the crumbling school buildings, temporary classrooms and ever-increasing class sizes. Teachers were “over stressed, over worked and underpaid”.

The head teacher of my own secondary school sent a “plea for help” to parents in the early 1990s. Reading that letter was one of the factors that inspired me to become interested in politics. It seemed wrong to me then – as it does now – to risk the education and futures of young people in order to be able to implement tax cuts.

Education is not a debt: it is an investment. Our future prosperity depends on a properly educated workforce able to compete globally in a world economy that is changing faster than at any time since the industrial revolution. The pace of innovation accelerates year-on-year. And an effective “industrial strategy” requires more than an Education system run on a shoestring.

I call on all local politicians to do what they can to reverse these devastating cuts.


Rachel Burgin