Letter to the London Evening Standard

Dear Sir
Chris Smith was right (Letters 3rd July) that people who are priced out of London can find more affordable properties in some parts of the Home Counties, such as Bedford. He, however, fails to mention that an annual rail and tube season ticket from Bedford to London is £5,256 and that would need to be budgeted for.
He also fails to mention that thousands of people leave London for the Home Counties every year and this puts pressure on infrastructure, services, schools and housing. In North Hertfordshire alone, at least 12,500 homes are needed in order to cope with the demand and there is no real consensus about where they can be built.  Harpenden needs a new secondary school and that is creating its own challenges.
So, it is in the interests of the people of Hitchin & Harpenden that London’s housing crisis is resolved.
Rachel Burgin
Labour Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (Hitchin & Harpenden)