Message to Activists

Since my selection on 29th March 2014 you have worked tirelessly to get our message out across the constituency. There aren’t many of us (though more than you might think!) but we should all take pride in what we have achieved. 11,433 votes is our largest number of votes since 2001 and 4,020 more than five years ago. Holding Bearton by such a substantial margin and keeping Walsworth in contention for 2016 were also credible results.

But we should also take pride in the fact that we were able to reach communities that we haven’t worked for decades. In the end leaflets were delivered not just across Hitchin, Harpenden, Wheathampstead and Redbourn, but Great Ashby, Sandridge, Jersey Farm, Kimpton, Whitwell, Ickleford, Pirton, Breachwood Green and Peters Green.

Whether you have burnt the midnight oil organising things, knocked on doors, manned a stall in the market square, designed a website, drafted a leaflet, sat at a polling station or spent hours delivering leaflets, you all have a share in this.

I know that dozens of you also went over to help in Stevenage – and that for many of you it was your first experience of campaigning. Our result there was extremely disappointing – made more saddening by the formidable scale of the campaign there. Stevenage Labour could have done no more to win the seat. The work that Hitchin and Harpenden members did in Stevenage was a crucial part of their operation and our work there has helped forge relationships for future campaigns so I am grateful to all of you for making the trek.

Thankyou again for your help, support, encouragement and comradeship and trust that we can continue to work for Labour values for many years to come.