National Policy Forum: My Track Record

1) I spoke out against the Welfare Bill abstention in 2015. My tweet made the national press!
2) I have advocated for water renationalisation for 10 years since the flooding in Cumbria. I was a parish councillor in a community directly impacted by flooding and saw firsthand the failure of the privatized utilities to be held accountable for upgrading infrastructure.
3) I campaigned for rail renationalisation as a parliamentary candidate (when it wasn’t formally party policy).
4) I helped to organise a Co-operative Energy conference in Hitchin.
5) I have argued for an interventionist and active industrial strategy for as long as I’ve been in the party.
6) As a National Executive member of Labour Business, I have helped to draft Labour Energy and Industrial policy.
7) I attended – and spoke at – the People’s March for them NHS as a parliamentary candidate. This advocated keeping the NHS in public ownership and opposed the contracting out of health services to the private sector.
8) As a school governor, I opposed the school’s conversion to an academy.
9) I have actively campaigned against zero hours contracts because my husband works in retail.
10) I have actively opposed the use of unpaid internships by the Labour Party.
11) I have campaigned on Climate Change, International Development and Human Rights policy for longer than I’ve been in the Labour Party.