New figures show 470 pensioners in Hitchin & Harpenden hit by 87p state pension rise

Rachel Burgin, Hitchin & Harpenden’s Labour PPC,  has called on David Cameron to be open and honest with pensioners after new figures showed 470  pensioners in Hitchin & Harpenden are set to receive a rise in the state pension of 87p.

On 4th December 2014 the government announced the state pension would rise by £2.85 a week. But in the following days ministers were forced to admit up to 1.6 million pensioners would see a rise of just 87p in their state pension income.

Rachel Burgin said, “The government promised the state pension would rise by £2.85 in April next year but 470 pensioners in Hitchin & Harpenden will receive a rise of just 87p. David Cameron’s government have not been open and honest with pensioners in Hitchin & Harpenden about the state pension, saying one thing and doing another. It’s time for the government to treat Hitchin & Harpenden pensioners with respect and be upfront about the value of their pensions.”

Labour’s shadow pensions minister, Gregg McClymont MP said, “1.6 million pensioners who have done the right thing, worked hard and saved for a pension have been let down by the government. It’s time for David Cameron to come clean with pensioners in Hitchin & Harpenden and across the country about the future value of their state pension.”




1. 1. The regional figures from government are the lowest possible estimate of the number of people affected:

EASTERN – At least 44,630 people affected

EAST MIDLANDS – At least 39,670 people affected

WEST MIDLANDS –At least 51,420 people affected

LONDON – At least 33,99 people affected

NORTH WEST – At least 63,180 people affected

NORTH – At least 31,880 people affected

SCOTLAND – At least 51,970 people affected

SOUTH EAST – At least 54,540 people affected

SOUTH WEST – At least 43,390 people affected

WALES – At least 29,100 people affected

YORKSHIRE AND HUMBER – At least 51,980 people affected

Source: (Figures in a row called: ‘savings credit only’ –


2. Constituency figures are available in the first column here:  (the numbers need to be multiplied by 1000, e.g. Aldershot is at least 450 pensioners affected)