PRESS RELEASE: Labour Candidate highlights Lilley’s Climate Change scepticism at the Bloomberg Energy Debate

Rachel Burgin, Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hitchin & Harpenden spoke at the Bloomberg Energy Debate over her concerns about Peter Lilley MP’s Climate Change scepticism.

The debate brought together Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, and Liberal Democrat MP, Ed Davey and Labour’s Energy spokeswoman, Caroline Flint. The debate covered the progress that had been made by the Coalition Government and the parties’ conflicting proposals for the forthcoming General Election. The central question of the debate was whether it was possible to keep carbon emissions and consumer costs low while maintaining a secure supply of energy.

Mrs. Burgin said: “In answer to the central question of this debate, I believe the answer is “yes”. Yes we can keep carbon emissions and consumer costs low while maintaining a secure energy supply. But making progress requires enormous political will and we need to take the public with us. Undermining these effort are voices such as Peter Lilley, Owen Paterson and UKIP who are selling the line that all this work is just driving up energy bills. What will you do politically to counter that?”

Caroline Flint MP answered “I tell people that we’ve got to talk ‘bills not bears’. We have to make environmentalism and the Climate Change agenda mainstream and we can only do that by showing how it can reduce their energy bills. In my constituency in the Don Valley, solar panels on residential properties become talking points. People talk about how having those fitted means their bills are lower. That’s how it’s got to work.” Earlier, Flint had set out Labour’s War on Cold Homes which would reduce Energy Bills by upgrading the current housing stock.

Ed Davey MP replied “I would point people to the facts. The science is out there. Climate Change is real. We have to deal with it.” Throughout the debate, Davey had been keen to distance himself from the increasing Climate Change scepticism of the Conservative party.


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