Press Release: Labour Candidate makes statement in support of Hitchin FC

Rachel Burgin, Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hitchin & Harpenden, has issued a statement in support of Hitchin FC remaining at it’s Top Field site.

“The issue of the Hitchin FC ground at Top Field being sold off to developers to build yet another supermarket, raises questions about the sort of town we want to be. Do we value our heritage, our community and our identity as a town or are we happy to see it sold off to the highest bidder? Are we content to lose a historic community facility that has been in use since 1928 for the sake of increasing the profits of a national supermarket chain? There are plenty of supermarkets in North Hertfordshire but there is only one Hitchin Town football ground. It is not merely a place where football is played but a place where the Hitchin community comes together and where people can celebrate pride in their town. I call on North Hertfordshire District Council to everything in its power to protect the ground as a community asset.”