Some questions for my UKIP opponent

Since my UKIP opponent has asked me a question, I thought I’d ask him some questions to return the favour:

1) You have invited me to join UKIP. Unfortunately I’m banned from joining UKIP because I’m a member of Hope Not Hate – an organisation that helped me keep the BNP off Cumbria County Council. Why does UKIP have a problem with me campaigning against the BNP?

2) What are your views on Peter Lilley MP’s outside interests? Do you think he should have a second job? Why is there nothing on your website about such a central issue in this campaign?

3) What are your views on Climate Change? Again, this is a pretty central issue to the campaign here in Hitchin & Harpenden so why no mention of it on your website?

4) Maternity Pay / Leave: Do you think that these are too generous in the UK and would you be arguing that they should be reduced?

5) Employment Rights: Again, are they too generous in the UK and would you want them weakened? What are your views on the protections afforded by European Law for Agency Workers and the Working Time Directive?

6) UKIP MEPs have voted against / not turned up to vote on the following issues in the European Parliament:  ensuring equal pay, combating violence against women and ruling out FGM. How would you go about defending their actions?

7) Do you agree with Nigel Farage that the NHS should be reformed into a private insurance system similar to that used in the USA?

8) Do you agree with Godfrey Bloom that I am a “shrill, bored, middle-class women of a certain physical genre”? (Careful: Mr Burgin is reading!)